Language consumerism

Language book shelf tours and text books reviews are always my favourite content on YouTube and Instagram so I decided doing a  series of posts on my own buys might help motivate me to write more about my language learning.

I am a big materialist and just love to horde language resources.

I think this is partly because my second language, Danish, is so small that there just aren't that many resources to be had. As soon as I started learning Spanish I was overwhelmed by all the different stuff you could buy - from verb wheels to magnetic words!

Language shopping is a guilty pleasure of mine. I feel bad about picking up new things but I get a lot of stuff secondhand, and when I don't I try to tell myself that it's an investment.  And sometimes I do just need to read the same grammar point explained in five ways before it makes sense.

So starting next week, I'll be sharing some of my favourite books from my main languages and some random other ones that are knocking around my language library - stay tuned!

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