One week into Polish


This is the second weekend of the Polish part of my challenge. It isn't going quite as well as Tamil. On one hand I don't have a new alphabet to learn and the pronunciation is touch but totally doable. On the other, I am finding it super hard to keep the consonant-heavy words in my memory and my main resource is a 1983 copy of Colloquial Polish from Skoob books, which doesn't have the same audio as is now on the Colloquial website. I also don't have any connections with Poland or its culture or history yet and I'm struggling to find the cultural hook.

Colloquial Polih ( or at least my very old edition) is heavy on grammar and teaches you all the conjugations of to be right away which I like. My mind was really rebelling against Colloquial Tamil's 'stealth' approach where they introduce new structures in the text and don't tell you, so you never really learn it. It is quite refreshing to see a verb table and have it be clear when Tamil is so ambiguous.

The resources I am using are The Oxford Essential Polish Dictionary and Routledge Polish; An Essential Grammar. I haven't found any books or TV shows yet but I was excited to learn that Chopin was Polish and I am really enjoying Adam Zamoyski's History of Poland (in English, sigh). I have also been trying to watch all Luca Lampariello's videos about learning Polish.

Overall, I really want to get a decent understanding of this under my belt, but I still feel like doing things in Tamil and I'm worried about my Spanish, which is hamstringing me a bit. I haven't had a chat in another language all week (after Anna Spanish confronted me about not knowing colours). I am doing that thing where I drift and think about Portuguese or Italian and just seem to be busy but not make progress. I think I need to find some Polish friends and learn a bit more about the pOlish community in London.

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