The end of Polish and new distractions

Hej kochani! So, it's a week since I should have finished Polish but I'm still doing a bit of studying on and off, as I don't really feel like I've done justice to the lanaguge. Just like with Tamil, I just haven't spent that much time over it on over the course of a month. Also becuase I have an older Colloquial Polish which goes through the grammar in a way that I find really satisfying to study but puts me right back into my comfort zone of studying from books and making notes, rather than speaking. I took my Polish books on a seaside break with no internet and managed to get through a lot of lessons and make a lot of notes, but not really retain them. This is a lesson I should take on board really, when I try to tear through my text books at speed, it is often at the expense of trying out what I have learned and remembering it. I need to create my own sentences etc and not just consume. I found it hard to connect with Polish on the whole, but what one great thing was that there is such a great community of Polish bookstagrammers and language instagrammers, so I could do some of my Spanish tricks of picking up slang from social posts and the replies so that I can pretend to be a little more fluent. So with a guilty conscience, I need to move on to Gujarati. I expect I will come back to Polish before long though. Even though I have plenty on my plate, I had a few flashes of language inspiration last week, which I am just going to list here so I can sort of put them to bed: + Old English... I read something about etymolgy of English words and subsequently ordered Teach Yourself Old English so I can develop my understanding of my own language + Classical Greek... I got a copy of Plutarch's Greek lives in a charity shop and reading the introduction about how Plutarch lived in this transition world between Roman and Greek made me want to learn Classical Greek so much. So I ordered TY Classical Greek and a Grammar and Dictionary. + I finally found a Tamil Grammar which has actual and romanised scripts. So in love! + For Spanish, after nine months of not being bothered, I want to get excellent at Spanish and am on the DELE train again... I need to make a plan to take B2 probably next Autumn... +I'm becoming more and more interested in Indian history and have ordered a lot of books...

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